Unfailing Weight Loss Yoga Poses For Stubborn Fat!

Try  Simple yet Effective Yoga Poses for Weight Loss!

Healthy weight loss is not at all easy taskNumerous people starve themselves while following a crazy diet routine, or suffer adrenal fatigue after weird workouts; yet fail to achieve desired body shape! It is hard to acquire your dream body and harder to maintain it forever. Often people indulge themselves in weight loss program and attain a hail healthy body for a limited duration (one month or so). Once health program is over slowly they are back to their old lifestyle, eating habits. Of course, as a result stubborn fat of the body is back and person regrets about whole futile exercise/expenditure.

Few people again join some weight loss program after some time or look for shortcuts to weight loss such as slimming pills which have strong side effects on the body. So the question is what should be done to achieve a fit body and maintain it forever?

The answer is YOGA!

Practicing yoga is the best way to uphold your body, mind and soul. After the age of 40 melting the stubborn fat is most difficult however few Yoga pose are competent to lose weight efficiently at this age. Let`s learn some exercises to begin with.


It is a dynamic yoga pose; Begin with (Adho Mukha Svanasana) if body allows or else stand straight with your feet together while your toes pointing forward. Start with raising your arms upward and inhale. Step your right foot forward between your hands with an exhalation. Again inhale and on exhale create a lunge (it is a basic lunge pose) and slowly bend your left knee to 90 degrees. Right foot ought to be extended with the ball of your foot firmly placed on the ground. The body will feel the stretch in the hips, gluteus muscles, core, and quadriceps. Focusing on your breathing in the whole process is most important. Now raise your arms towards the sky with another inhale while keeping your gaze pointing forward (according to neck position). Remain the body still for a few seconds and slowly take the standing position back. Repeat the whole processes again by stepping your left leg back this time.



Twisted Chair pose is another yoga pose that is very efficient to lose weight. Stand straight with close legs together. Twist your knees steadily then push hips down and back similar to a position as trying to sit on a chair which has been placed little far from you (See image). Keep your palms together in Namaste mudra and position them in front of the chest. Turn spine to fetch right elbow towards the left knee. Make it sure that your torso is lifted during the exercise. Beginner can start with holding in this position for 5 to 10 seconds however with practice you need to extend this duration to 30 to 45 seconds. At last gradually go back to the previous position and replicate on another side. This is the best yoga posture for detoxification of the body and edifice strength. The bent knees build strength in quadriceps and the twist brings out the toxins out of the upper body.


This challenging yoga will tremendously boost your metabolism system. Stand straight with your feet together, arms resting at your sides and toes pointing forward. Take a deep breath in; raise your arms over your head while palms facing each other. Exhales while you take a position as sitting back at 45 degrees with your knees bent but keep a close watch that knees must be behind your toes. Use your abs strength to support your back. Look forward while performing Chair yoga pose. You can hold this pose for a few seconds depending on body strength and then release.. Practice will increase your stamina to stay in the Chair yoga pose for longer duration and get maximum benefit.


Setu Bandh Asana is a gentle pose that helps to open shoulder and chest area of the human body. Lie down on a mat and curve your knees. Try to reach down and get near to your heels. You can walk heels closer towards the body if not able to reach out them. Shove your body weight down on feet and lift your hips upwards. Be sure that your thighs should be parallel to the floor and your arms underneath. With repeated practice you will be able to clasp your hands together. Initially on can stay in this position for a few seconds but with practice duration could be extended from 1 to 2 minutes afterwards bring your hip back down.

If you do not follow the instruction or do the pranayama properly, you may get various negative results. So gradually one can push himself/herself towards progress in mastering the art of yoga but try not to stretch it too much to avoid any negative effects. It is extremely important to maintain a rhythm of inhalation and exhalation. Focus on the movements of body parts .



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