Eradicating The Worst Form Of Inequity Against Women Through Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act

Eradicating The Worst Form Of Inequity Against Women Through Pre-Natal Diagnostic Techniques Act

India is that country that is rich in morals and culture but some how fails to offer the rightful position to women. Women not only face discrimination when they grow up, but the process commences before birth! The country houses people who have strong aspirations for a boy child and the percentage of people who want this outnumbers the ones who wish for a girl child. Such discriminations continue even today through pre-natal diagnostic techniques, but such techniques were banned in 1994 in India through an Act. There are numerous ultrasonography clinics in the country in the present times that carry out such illegal activities simply for business. Rightful actions are now taken by the respected Health Ministry for putting an end to prenatal gender determination.

Filing of cases

Prenatal sex determination is something that is predominant in India. The aspects of this particular thing are negative in every way. For instance, the techniques that are implemented for the determination of gender are not only harmful to the fetus but the mother as well. For instance, two of the most adverse testing procedures are amniocentesis and CVS or chorionic villus sampling. These procedures are carried out in the eighth and ninth pregnancy week. These procedures are quite challenging that can lead to congenital abnormalities and miscarriage.

Due to such facts about the Pre-natal sex determination, the PCPNDT Act was put forward by the Parliament of India for putting an end to female feticides. The issue of female feticide commenced in the 1990s that saw the heavy utilization of ultrasound techniques. With such techniques, not only the female fetus got aborted but also families tend to produce children till the birth of a male child. This was harmful to the mothers as well as the country as the population was increasing every single day.

State authorities are known to file more than two thousand and three hundred and seventy-one cases in various criminal courts. Out of this number, two hundred and ninety-four cases had been filed for diagnostic clinics that were non-registered. Due to all such illicit activities, the sex ratio in the country is unbalanced that can be dangerous in the long run.

Horrific act of sex selective abortions

A child is as pure as water be it a male or a female. But there are many people in India who prefer male child more than a female child simply because they regard males as the more superior ones. Gendercide or sex selective abortions still take place in the country that includes the elimination of a girl child through abortion. Not only in India and China, but the United States in some places seem to be an equal share holder of such horrific acts as well. Sex selection is an issue that simply cannot be controlled even after abortion has been made illegal all over the world.

Till people understand what a female child is and how much power she holds, people will never stop carrying out such illegal activities.




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