Increasing Tobacco Levies Decreasing The Consumption As Well As Giving Rise To Cheap Tobacco

Increasing Tobacco Levies Decreasing The Consumption As Well As Giving Rise To Cheap Tobacco

Tobacco control among people is by far the most challenging task faced by any country. Illegal trading in tobacco products incorporates counterfeiting, smuggling that constitute the elements of tobacco control. The World Health Organization has come up with ideas like an increase in the tobacco levies so that the overall consumption decreases to large extents. This is also a very innovative way of motivating tobacco users to move towards quitting.

Tobacco is the most dangerous and harmful element that humans come in contact with. However, there are many fresh researches that state that cheap tobacco is nowadays being produced in factories that are somehow undermining the increase in prices.

Occurrences after the increase in price

A few important points are stated by the World Health Organization on the control of Tobacco. The points are as follows:

  • Increasing tobacco levies make regular smokers consume less.
  • People who have already quit have a 90 % chance of not starting again due to the increase in the taxes
  • The youth will likely stay away from tobacco because of the prices

As a global health association, WHO is keen on adopting various tax policies for contributing to the various health purposes that solely aim in the reduction of tobacco consumption. Smoking rates significantly higher in most countries, but South Africa managed to plunge the smoking rates among the young and poor by augmenting the taxes.

However, yet South Africa has been able to see an increase the tax revenue. In the developed countries, if there is an increase of 10% in the taxes, then the consumption will automatically reduce by four percent. The effect will be much higher in the middle and low revenue countries.

Obstacles faced

Smoking tobacco is like an addiction that is hard to let go. After a period, the body responds uncontrollably when it does not receive tobacco, which is a very dangerous situation in any person’s life. This is the reason why many countries are regulating tobacco prices.

People who are lost in this addiction fail to understand what damage it is causing to their bodies. This is making them consume it even after the tax prices have been increased.  Conventional outlets, convenience stores, informal sellers are the places from where people can purchase cheap tobacco, which is even more harmful to health.

As much as the efforts put in by WHO for reducing the smoking of tobacco, similarly, the majority of people are making it hard for the global organization to carry out its endeavors. Increasing tobacco levies are not showing such significant effects as for today’s tobacco industry house any brands that are fulfilling the needs of smokers who have allow budget as well.

To conclude

If the smoking rates significantly higher continue, then it is the duty of the policy makers to standardize tobacco prices that will prevent the tobacco industry from undermining the tax increases by putting forward a huge array of cigarette prices. This pattern is present in many countries, and it has to be stopped immediately to obstruct further damage.



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